Flex Lewis

Flex Lewis Getting Closer to His Last 212-Olympia

Flex Lewis born in Wales, 34-years of age, has been the most dominant force in the 212 division since its beginning. This year Lewis makes his last battle in the division at the Olympia before moving to the men’s open category.

Big Ramy

WATCH: Big Ramy’s Road to the Olympia 2018

Big Ramy is only a few weeks out from Olympia. This time around Ramy and his manager and owner of Oxygen gym Bader Boodai are more confident than ever. Ramy will win in Las Vegas.

Regan Grimes

Regan Grimes Getting Closer to His Olympia Debut

Canadian IFBB Pro Regan Grimes made a splash into the bodybuilding industry as a pro at only 23-years-of-age. Two years later, Grimes is heading for his Olympia debut in Classic Physique.

Kai Greene

Is Kai Greene Doing the Olympia this Year?

Kai Greene has shown many promising progress pictures and videos over social media lately. The question is, will Mr. Greene do the Olympia this year?


Bigger the Movie About Joe Weider Is Set to Premiere September

The movie Bigger about bodybuilding tycoon Joe Weider and his empire is set to premiere in September.

See Who Qualified for Mr. Olympia 2018

The last date to qualify for the Mr. Olympia weekend has passed.


Canadian Deadlift Bully Gets Banned Wile Victim Receives a Lifetime Gym Membership

Late last week a story broke out in Canada about a young man in a gym who got assulted while he was doing deadlifts, 

2018 Muscle Vodka Tampa Pro: Results

The IFBB Muscle Vodka Tampa Pro last qualifying show before Mr. Olympia is finished.

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